Introducing the Animation Obsessive newsletter

Helping you keep up with animation from all around the world.


You may know us from our Twitter account, where we’ve been sharing highlights from the world of animation since 2019. We cover a little of everything — including the overlooked and underappreciated stuff. But there’s always more wonderful animation out there that doesn’t quite fit the Twitter format.

This year, we’ve decided to create an Animation Obsessive newsletter as a companion to our Twitter presence.

If you follow us on Twitter, you have a general idea of what Animation Obsessive does. But this newsletter will bring you much more, in a much tidier package. Every week, the Animation Obsessive newsletter will round up the highlights in animation from around the world. That might be a major Netflix drop, or it might be an unsung indie gem on Vimeo.

Along the way, you can expect looks back at older animation, interviews with fascinating creators, streaming recommendations and other tidbits that don’t fit on Twitter.

Keeping up with animation is hard. There has never been more of it available — whether new or old, foreign or domestic, familiar or strange. Getting lost in all this abundance is easy, if you don’t have a guide. That’s what the Animation Obsessive newsletter is for.

Each Sunday, subscribers will have a new batch of curated animation highlights delivered directly to their inboxes. If you subscribe, you’ll never miss an update — and you’ll have free access to our comment sections. For our first issue, premiering February 14, we have an interview with the talented animator Rachel Reid, a lookback at a classic Eastern European film, the week’s key animation news stories and more.

We hope you’ll consider joining the Animation Obsessive community. We’d love to have you.