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I was so excited for this issue and it's everything I hoped for! Thank you so much, both for the excellent fansub, for bringing such detailed coverage of Busifan into English, and for the shout out at the start of this article!

The story of Wayawu Cartoon is fascinating. I'm reminded of the origins of a studio like Gainax, a group of hobbyists going full time with all the chaos that entails. I wonder what they're doing now Busifan has left.

I would be really curious to know more about the studio Nice Boat Animation that ultimately made Dahufa. Their name suggests a joke about the 'School Days' meme, but I have no idea if that translates at all or if it's a coincidence. Beyond Dahufa, they've made some really amazing work like the absolute sakuga feast Fog Hill of Five Elements. But there's almost no information available about them in English.

Also in the news section - it's fantastic to hear that Boy and the World will be getting a followup. That is such a gorgeous, moving film. I can't wait.

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