Aug 24, 2021Liked by Animation Obsessive Staff

These vintage films that I'm discovering through your weekly shares! Moonbird is magical, and Zuckerland. Wow. I got chills by the end; that beachscape with zoned out humans on their devices, the looming screens. Totally, and sadly, so today. I'm looking forward to watching more films by the Hubleys; could be a new obsession.

Lastly, with regard to Miyazaki praising his son's use of CGI—unless I'm missing something, and if he's speaking in earnest—I was surprised by this given his apparent distaste of computer-generated animation https://www.eteknix.com/hayao-miyazaki-calls-ai-crafted-animation-insult-life (granted, in this example he was specifically critical of AI-generated grotesquerie).

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