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Hi, sorry for the late reply. I enjoyed the subject, but your wording made it sound like "full" animation is inherently restrictive. I can think of many examples where that isn't the case but really I don't see why drawing on 1s or 2s is lowkey seen as a bad thing.

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Enjoyed this issue as usual, thank you. Still chewing on "Unlimited Animation," a lot there.

A quick comment on news of a Korean animated feature—I'm not sure if I've ever seen one before. I'm Korean-American and was so excited to see your mention of Tae-Il. Of course, not surprised it seems quite intense, dark even. I'm now inspired to dig further into animation from Korea, and festivals there like the one in Busan.

And on the retro-ad: I think I've said something along these lines before—but have commercial advertising just gotten exponentially more conventional in past decades? That Levi's ad! I can't imagine a big company like Nike or Lay's doing something like this now—granted, I suppose the audience for Levi's might be more open to something more abstract or "weird' that doesn't rely on comedy. Honestly I can't see Levi's doing something like this today, either.

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