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Thanks for the great article, just for information, there is also a book with larger reproductions from the movie https://www.amazon.com/Midsummer-Nights-Dream-Eduard-Petiska/dp/B009IJQAZI

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I first learned about Trnka through my obsession with the work of the brothers Quay (perhaps we'll read about them too here one day!). It's interesting to read about the messy aspects of production in Trnka's work—the lost progress, the backtracking, the need for experimentation, navigating new technology—as well as his accolades and eccentricities.

As a side note—I've been hearing about the Samurai Jack issue from multiple corners of my network, even outside of the general animation/visual arts sphere. Surely a testament to the great work you're doing, congrats! How exciting to share, at increasing scale.

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