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Hello! Great article about a hidden gem. Love this newsletter, I always recommend to anybody in the industry ♡ I was wondering, is there any way to submit info for your world news section ( or any other section for that matter)? Thank you so much!

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I'm so glad you wrote this up. I found Da Hu Fa and really enjoyed it.

Excited to hear about The Storm, and being able to watch The Black Bird was great fun!

Have you had a chance to see Mr. Miao? It credits Bu Si Fan as a writer.

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omg, I'm so happy to see you cover this movie, it's one of my favourites! Even more so to dig into your sources later - I found it hard to find any solid information on how it was made. Going to be sharing this post all over the place.

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How does distributing an animated film to a foreign country work? How would someone get the rights to a foreign animated film, and what is involved in distributing? What does distribution mean? You are very busy; thank you so much for the great articles. :)

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