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​​I’m always struck by super detailed, as well as animated, storyboards. When working with a large team where there are many variables, I'm sure detail can reduce uncertainties in production.

I work on much shorter pieces, doing both storyboard and animation solo, so in that respect there are fewer reasons to add detail early. Another reason for me though is that I simply may not have that detail yet! I often don't know exactly how a scene will resolve until I get there (again, for 1, 2 min films potential issues that could arise from this kind of ambiguity and consequent shift down the line don't have time to compound much).

Anyway lack of foreknowledge wrt details hasn't yet been an issue for me; in fact the flexibility afforded me + allowing me to get started without knowing everything ahead of time, has been a boon.

It's fascinating to see how differently artists and teams work, and the solutions that fit different needs. Reminds me once again the vastness of gamut in animation. Thanks for a super fun read ​🙏​

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Gosh. I have so much to say about storyboarding. Lol, but I'll make it quick because I respect the fans of this magazine and wouldn't want to bore them. In short, I experience storyboards as a testament to how specific a artists vision is, and in America, respect for a directors vision has taken a backseat to meta data analysis and bottom lines. Hence rushed and often times corner cutting lazy storyboards. Corporate studios love to make creative decisions by committee. I mean absolutely love checking boxes. Art doesn't work that way. It won't appear on a quarterly basis - and be unique: if viewers want it to be truthful work. Economic pressures aside, I've always appreciated artists who leave room for collaboration by finding a vision with the help of others. There doesn't appear to be a right or wrong way to do storyboards at all! I just wonder about the integrity of decisions made on storyboards by major studios when the choices come from fear of failure, or fear of financial losses. Instead of curiosity and exploration. Eeesh, hope that didn't get me kicked off the forum lol. Apologies other readers. - Dar

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