Sitemap - 2021 - Animation Obsessive

+18: The Best Stories We Published in 2021

Merry Christmas (And Our Gift to You)

+17: Studio Ghibli's Chic Side

Animating 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

+16: The First Animated Christmas Special

The Magical Characters of 'Tokyo Godfathers'

+15: The Master of Animated Dance

The Impossible Journey of 'The Secret of Kells'

+14: The Rebel of Soviet Cartoons

Gift Ideas for the Animation Inclined

+13: Paper Monkeys | 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' | Italian Animation

Cinematography the 'Hellboy' Way

+12: Great Animation Right Now

Shakespeare and the Puppet Master

+11: Reviving America's 'Worst Animation Studio'

How They Painted ‘Samurai Jack’

+10: The Hubleys in Canada

We've Made a Rare Animation Artbook Free to All

+9: 'Fantastic Animation Festival' — A Personal Reflection

Animating Out of Spite

+8: Sterling Sturtevant Design | Keith Haring Animation | Zagreb Ads

A Lost Country Broke a 30-Year Streak of Oscar Snubs

+7: How Miyazaki Found His Future in a Music Video

Hayao Miyazaki, Union Man

+6: Two Czech Cartoons That Changed the World

Animating Franz Kafka's Nightmares

+5: Frank Lloyd Wright's Fateful Visit to Disney

What 'Sesame Street' Did for Animation

+4: The Art of an Otomo Storyboard

Don't Call It 'Limited' Animation

+3: The Student Animation That Won China's Heart

Disney's Most Underrated Modern Gem

+2: One Animator's Quest to Make a (Mostly) Solo Feature Film

What the 'UPA Style' Actually Is

+1: Our Favorite Animators in India

Winnie-the-Pooh in Moscow

A Special Message About the Newsletter

When Osamu Tezuka Redefined Anime

Keith Haring in Motion

The Anime That Inspired 'Samurai Jack'

Hayao Miyazaki's Favorite Film

Storyboarding Like Satoshi Kon

Salvador Dalí at Disney

When Indie Animation Won Its First Oscar

What Makes Ghibli Storytelling So Different?

The Very First 'Madeline' Cartoon

The Week in Great Animation

The Garage Cartoon That Sparked a Revolution

Animating 'Tom and Jerry' Behind the Iron Curtain

Studio Ghibli's Copier is Broken, and More

You Need to Watch 'Ice'

The Red Scare Killed an Animator's Career, So He Took Over TV

A Guide to Yuri Norstein — 'Hedgehog in the Fog' and Beyond

'A Loaf of Bread, a Container of Milk and a Stick of Butter'

How UPA Injected Horror into Cartoons

Inside the Look of 'Wolfwalkers' with Sandra Andersen

Why a Cartoon That Enraged Censors in the USSR Still Speaks to Us

When Chinese Animation Broke Free

The Unsung Cartoon That Changed Animation

Sweets at Sea — talking 'Baker's Dozen' with Jessie Juwono

'Hoffmaniada': The Stop-Motion Masterpiece You Can't Watch

When Sterling Sturtevant Perfected Cartoon Design

Rounding Out February with the Best in Animation

Remembering Tee Collins, Animation Pioneer

Finding Life in 'Corporate Art' — an interview with Rachel Reid

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