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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

The World of 'Tokyo Godfathers' Is Realer Than Real

Richard Williams for the Holidays

The Complicated Man Who Made 'Rudolph'

'Saved by Animation'

Gift Ideas for the Animation Inclined (2022)

'Terrible Beer but Lovely Commercials'

An Animated Dance for the Ages

The Hungarian School of Animation

What Kazuo Oga Thinks About When He Thinks About Backgrounds

Gems from Britain

The Year's Most Exciting Trove of Free Animation

Limited Animation 'On Ones'

'Princess Arete' Deserves to Be Seen

The Anime Realism of 'Run, Melos!'

How They Made the 'All Caps' Video

Weird Sound

Poe, Animated

'The Best Ones Came from Prague'

The Low-Budget Perfection of 'The Great Pumpkin'

Breaking Down Art Babbitt's 'Best Piece of Animation'

The Dark Music Video That Saved Miyazaki

An Oscar Nomination from Nowhere

How They Animated 'The Wolf House'

In the Trenches of Independence

Dog Apartments and Funny Birds

The Everyday Magic of 'Samurai Egg'

The Whimsical Adventures of Inanimate Objects

The Impossibly Modern World of 'Flebus'

'An Appropriate and Unique Universe'

How 'The Man in the Frame' Pushed Back

Creating the Characters of 'Cowboy Bebop: The Movie'

The Violent, Beautiful Animation You Probably Missed

Why 'Invisible' Is a Modern Anime Classic

The Lost Projects of Satoshi Kon

The Plan for Satoshi Kon's Final Film

The Art of the Animated Music Video

It’s a Game Called 'Find What’s Wrong With This Shot'

The Permissibility of the Impossible

'Unless You Make Animation Real, You Can't Make It Funny'

'I Tend to Have a Gut Feeling About the Right Approach'

The Animators Who Turned Pain Into Beauty

The Mid-Fifties UPA

Designing the Powerpuff Girls

An Independent Masterwork

Animation at Its Most Pretentious

Designing the Characters of 'Cowboy Bebop'

Studio Ghibli at Its Most Stylish

What the Influence of Anime Means

Everything Is Anime

Looking Back on a Half-Year of Work

The Flash Animation That Moved China

The Avant-Garde Roots of 'Gumby'

The Biggest Animation Event in the World

Rotoscoping Done Right

When Old Animation Looks New

Animating Attraction

'The Rabbit with Checkered Ears'

A Visual Tour of Viktor Kubal

The Lost World of Early Anime Fansites

Magic Paper

Around the World in 36 Characters

1960 in Three Places

When Is a Storyboard Good Enough?

When Africa Outsourced to Europe

Mamoru Oshii's Greatest Scene

The Remaking of Soyuzmultfilm

The Ghibli You Don't Know

Free Resources for Artists

What Makes 'Abel's Island' an East Coast Classic

How Cartoon Saloon Made 'On Love'

Special Films from Around the World

'Rocky and Bullwinkle,' Made in Mexico

A Beautiful Flop

The Rise of Guoman

The Chinese Cartoon That Beat the Censors

'Luck, Luck, Luck, Luck, Luck'

How Do You Define Anime?

Animating Nothing

The Real History of 'Perfect Blue' and 'Requiem for a Dream'

Making a Personal Film Against the Odds

When Hayao Miyazaki Didn't Show Up for His Oscar

'The Finest Form of TV Cartooning'

The End of Russian Animation as We Know It

Global Nuclear War with the Hubleys

Ukrainian Animation Is Worth Celebrating

War and Art

Animating Chinese Ink-Wash Paintings

'There Wasn't Five Minutes of Free Time'

The Classic That Could've Been

How Worthikids Makes Hit Animation with Blender

The Most Important Animation Book Ever Written

+23: Yuri Norstein's Despised Masterpiece

How Roy Morita Shaped 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' and Beyond

+22: When an Animation Master Disappeared

A Macabre Animated Gem for the Ages

+21: Spain Through the Eyes of a Ghibli Animator

The Strangest Strange Cartoon

+20: UPA at Its Wildest

Breathing Paintings

+19: Animating in Mongolia

What's the Most Underrated Animation of the Year?